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Merchant Information and Instructions

Cause Marketing White Paper  |  Merchant Brochure Booklet

Cause Marketing WHite PaperDetermine how much you wish to donate from each sale, 5 or 10%. If your products are a big ticket item, you may not want, or be able, to give even 5%. Let’s say your service or product normally sells for $5,000 and you can’t give away a full 10% or even 5%. So put gift certificates for sale in your Merchant Account for $500.00 toward the $5,000 purchase. You benefit from the marketing benefits of being on ShopClickGive.com because people will find you easier and one percent of your sale still goes to the charity or school of the buyer’s choice.


Sell On ShopClickGive.com

Create A Merchant Account

Click on Create A Merchant Account at the top of the page

Then click on ‘Sign Up’.

Complete the form under Merchant Detail. You don’t need to complete the forms after PayPal Email until you Choose A Plan. The plan is how much you want to donate: 5 or 10%.

In the company ID field, you will insert a unique username that will allow us to track your sales. If you enter a duplicate ID that is already used, you will be asked to insert a different ID.

Log Into Your Merchant Account

Add A Product

Click On Merchant Dashboard then on the ‘+’ button to the right of the Products Header.

If you are selling a limited product, select Subtract Stock. If you are selling something downloadable, such as Gift Certificates, be sure to click to disable subtract stock

Tax Class. Click on downloadable if you are selling gift certificates.

Quantity. If you are selling gift certificates, you will need as many listed as people might buy in multiple times. For instance, while you won’t run out of gift certificates, no matter how many people buy, you may have a person wanting to purchase several at the same time. If you have only a quantity of one, someone won’t be able to purchase more than one certificate at any one time.

Use the Meta Description to list how you want to show up in the search. Example: Clothes Gift Certificates Lynchburg.

We pay every other day.

Once you have completed a few transactions, you can apply for a Stripe account where you will be paid immediately upon the transaction completion.