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Frequently Asked Questions
For Promoting Local Businesses

Q. What is Shop Click Give?
Shop Click Give is an online portal for local businesses to have an on line e-commerce presence. But beyond that, every business has agreed to donate 5 to 10% of their sales to the non profit or charity of the BUYER’S choice.

It’s like selling on Amazon, but:

  • Is less expensive
  • Has no startup or monthly cost
  • Promotes local businesses
  • Includes a cause marketing aspect, which will increase sales for your local business.

For Your Business

Q. How much does it cost for a business to create a merchant account?

A. There is no setup or monthly cost. You select if you want 5% or 10% to be donated. In addition, there is a 5% processing fee charged by ShopClickGive.com. Credit cart fees are also passed to the merchant.

Q. How can I get a store for my business?
A. Simply create a free merchant account on ShopClickGive.com.

Q. Why is the donation to the BUYER’S choice.

A. This is critical, and unique to ShopClickGive.com. You can promote that a % of your sales will be given to a non profit that you care about. But what is important to you, may not be important to your customer.

You may care about helping a local non profit, while your customer wants to help their school. YOUR passion is of little interested to them. But if shopping at your store will help their cause, they will be willing to change their buying habits. Only ShopClickGive.com local e-commerce site that allows the buyer to select their favorite non profit and the non profit has their own link so they can ask their donors to shop at Shop Click Give stores, including yours!

Q. Is there a limit to the amount I can sell?
A. Yes and no. Your free account only allows you to list two items for sale. If you list gift certificates, which we suggest, then you are essentially listing your entire inventory. However, if you want to list more than two items, you will need to ask about our various packages.

There is no limit to how much you can sell.

Q. My sales are large, or the amounts are unknown until the sale is made. Can I donate less?
A. If you have smaller margins, you can always promote a gift certificate that must be used for a larger amount. For instance, let’s say your product or service normally runs hundreds or thousands of dollars. You could list a $100 gift certificate that is good for all sales over $1,000. That way, by choosing to donate 10% of the sale through shopclickgive.com, you are actually only having to donate 1% of the total sale! Yet you have the advantage of being a part of helping your community through ShopClickGive.com

Q. How can I promote my store?
Even if you already have an ecommerce site, but especially if you don’t, announce your new on line store through your mail list and on social media. Tell people that you are donating x% to the non profit, charity or school of their choice and give them a link to your unique URL.

Q. How should I begin? I have several items I want to promote. How do I choose.?

A. We suggest that you provide a description and photo of your company or premier item but that you should promote a gift certificate that people could buy and use in your store.

Q. How does it work when someone purchases a gift certificate?
When someone makes a purchase, you both will receive an email, complete with matching order numbers. You simply need to match their email with yours. We suggest you have them sign their copy as a receipt for your records.

For Your School Or Charity

Q. How much does it cost for a non profit?

A. Nothing. You do not have to pay an application, setup or processing fee.

Q How does my school or charity start earning donations?
A, We provide you with a customized web site and email material to help you start getting donations as fast as you want them.

Q. You have no participating business in my area. How can I start?
A.  We do have some businesses, such as coffee, that are sold nationally. You can start promoting these items first. Our initial letter is designed to generate donations from these limited items and spark interests in more local businesses.

Q. How can my non profit promote it?
 Simply go to ShopClickGive.com, click on the Charity & Schools link at the top and complete the application. Note: You do not need to provide us with your tax ID number, but we will not be able to complete a donation without it. Then promote your link to your supporters. We will track your visitors.