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Charities and Schools

ShopClickGive.com provides you with the opportunity to direct donations to your local community, whether it’s feeding the needy or funding education.

Over time, we will be highlighting non profits to help you choose which ones you want to give to.

If you have a charity or school organization, we can provide you with a direct link that, when followed, will credit your organization on checkout. For example, let’s say your ShopClickGive.com’s ID is teacherpartners, then you would put a link on your website and email for: http://shopclickgive.com/?scode=teacherpartners. Then, any purchased made by someone one who shops at shopclickgive.com through your link will be tracked for you.

Working with local business partners, you can

Shop Local
Click To Buy On Line
Give To The Charity Or School Of Your Choice

If your Charity or School Organization would like to have a unique web address to track your donations, please contact admin@shopclickgive.com

Apply for your unique Non Profit ID and to be listed on ShopClickGive.com